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We specialize in handling nuisance wildlife such as Raccoons, Squirrels, Opossums, Birds, Bats and more! 
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  Wildlife Removal,
Long Island, NY  

We remove wildlife

humanely and effectively.


 When we encounter animals inside a house, we give a thorough inspection from top to bottom, to locate all the areas of entry, and we perform the necessary repairs. 

When you hear something in your attic do NOT wait to address the issue. Give us a call so we can assess and properly handle the situation.
Waiting only gives the animal time to do damage your home!

Most of the time the safe removal of the animal is a quick process.

We are licensed and insured, and ready to solve your wildlife issues.

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Matt's Pest Elimination is locally owned and operated on Long Island New York.

When pests find their way into your home, they may cause unnecessary stress, threaten the health and safety of your family, and may be very problematic to fight on your own. That's where we come in! Matt's Pest Elimination, we're a family-operated business with years of experience treating wildlife issues throughout Long Island.
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